Company Kitchen - A Practical Cafeteria Alternative

We Make it Easy!

When it comes to the corporate breakroom, cafeterias are no longer the only answer. Today's options include automated breakroom systems that replace complete kitchen, and staff. Our Company Kitchen automated cafeteria style vending lines look more like convenience stores, complete with healthy snacks, produce and vegetables. Laurel Foodsystems is proud to offer a complete line of Salads, Fresh Fruit, Sandwiches, Fruit Juices, Healthy Snack entrees, vegetables, and complete meals via our Company Kitchen Automated Vending Systems. This cafeteria alternative is easily placed in your breakroom at work, and can even replace the office kitchen with a vending system. Laurel Foodsystems is equipped to make quick work of your breakroom overhaul, bringing your amenities into the 21st Century with a Company Kitchen of your own. Laurel Foodsystems stands ready to remove the vending machines currently in your breakroom at work, and make way for a complete lunch room renovation when you are.

The Set Up

The equipment and fixtures used in your Company Kitchen are chosen specifically to meet the requirements of your unique space and service needs. Because our program can be completely customized, we can offer exactly the equipment your space allows. Open door coolers, easy-access shelving and baskets for snack, fruit and food displays, attractive cabinetry and countertops for coffee machines and microwaves can be customized for each unique location. This flexibility means every Company Kitchen accommodates the selection and convenience our service is intended to provide.

About Company Kitchen

Suited To Your Style, and The Size of Your Space

Turn your breakroom into a Company Kitchen today! For additional information about Company Kitchen, please complete our on-line information request or call us at 412-494-4400.

Making Checkout Simple

Company Kitchen uses a custom designed kiosk and specialized software that allows customers to instantly scan their purchases and pay by swiping a credit card or pre-loaded declining balance card. Customers can add more cash to their prepaid card right there at the kiosk, or online at our website.

The entire transaction process is quick and convenient, and customers love that efficiency.

All About the Food

Merchandising and convenience are wonderful advantages that will increase sales and please customers, but really, it's all about selection. Our clients are quickly realizing that a Company Kitchen can provide the snacks, drinks, entrees, fresh products, healthy choices and merchandise that make their busy lives a bit less hectic and keep them firing on all cylinders through the long workday.

The best part is, we keep the shelves stocked so what you want is always available. Because our sales, inventory and replenishment systems are all tied together electronically in real-time, we can avoid product shortages and out-of-date merchandise, and anticipate demand on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

With Built In Security

Our security system is synchronized with the kiosk to monitor all activity and sales. A closed circuit camera system records movement within the space and is synced with sales data to verify all transactions. With these systems in place, we have experienced theft amounts in controlled environments to be negligible. Clearly marked signs indicate the users are on camera, which discourages theft in your Company Kitchen.

If a pattern of theft is detected, the business is not responsible for any loss. We simply inform our contact of the inventory discrepancy and provide video snapshots to help resolve the issue. Clients are free to address the situation through whatever actions they deem appropriate. We have found that a company wide email reminding associates that all transactions are recorded and that instances of theft are subject to criminal prosecution makes an indelible impression.