Douwe Egberts C60

Enjoy consistently delicious black and decaf coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espresso at the touch of a button.

The Douwe Egberts Cafitesse C-60 is a single-cup brewer with 5 selections: coffee, cappuccino, whipped coffee, café latte, and hot water. Like other Douwe Egberts models, the C-60 is a "liquid coffee" machine, but it uses real milk (not powder) to make cappuccino. The C-60 can brew a cup of coffee in 9 seconds, or a cappuccino in 14 seconds.

Douwe Egberts machines are a cost-effective coffee option for high-volume and self-serve locations. Coffee is brewed using bag-in-box concentrate, reconstituted with hot water as each individual cup is drawn. The C-60 is unique in its cappuccino capability.

Advantages to the Douwe Egberts system are minimal preparation and cleanup, 24/7 product availability, tight control of product and a consistent, if only fair, product quality. There are no filters or grounds to deal with, and no heated surfaces to worry about.

  • › Simple and easy to use machine where drinks are dispensed at the touch of a button
  • › The C60 uses real milk, as opposed to milk powder, making the drink more premium and better tasting
  • › Compact and fast, dispensing quality black coffee in 9 seconds and only 14 seconds for cappuccinos

  • Here's What We Think About The Douwe Egberts C60

    "The Douwe Egberts C60 is the perfect coffee solution for small, medium and large locations. The high quality coffee is prepared with maximum ease and speed, minimal time and maximum reliability. "

    More On The Douwe Egberts C60

    Dimensions 16.5"W, 26.6"H, 15.7"D, 54 lbs
    Cups Per Brew 1 Cup
    Initial Brew Quality Acceptable
    Minutes of Freshness Fresh cup on demand
    Recommended Population 25+ People
    Non-Coffee Beverages Whipped Drinks, Hot Water
    Variety of Selections 2
    Time to Brew Coffee: 9sec, Cappuccino: 14sec
    Plumbed-In or Pour-Over? Plumbed-In
    Downloads Sell Sheet (PDF)