Company Kitchen

Complete Kitchen Vending Systems

When it comes to the corporate breakroom, vending machines are no longer the only answer. Today's options include automated vending systems that replace complete kitchen, and staff. Our Company Kitchen automated cafeteria style vending lines look more like convenience stores, complete with healthy snacks, produce and vegetables. Laurel Foodsystems is proud to offer a complete line of Salads, Fresh Fruit, Sandwiches, Fruit Juices, Healthy Snack entrees, vegetables, and complete meals via our Company Kitchen Automated Vending Systems. This cafeteria alternative is easily placed in your breakroom at work, and can even replace the office kitchen with a vending system. Laurel Foodsystems is equipped to make quick work of your breakroom overhaul, bringing your amenities into the 21st Century with a Company Kitchen of your own. Laurel Foodsystems stands ready to remove the vending machines currently in your breakroom at work, and make way for a complete lunch room renovation when you are. An automated breakroom from Laurel Foodsystems can offer all of the following:
  • › Beverages - Colas, Sodas, Fruit Drinks, Water, Health Drinks, and More
  • › Snacks - Edible items in hand held servings including; chips, fruit, granola bars, etc.
  • › Food/Entrees - Complete Meals including salads, vegetable sides, sandwiches, soups, and main entrees

About Company Kitchen

Company Kitchen is revolutionizing on-premise food service by combining fresh, nutritious meals and snacks with ease-of-use and technical innovation.

Company Kitchen is an ideal solution for companies looking to provide optimal nutrition opportunities to their wellness programs, along with a means of tracking usage, preferences, and other valuable data. And, proprietary touch screen technology delivers customized promotional offerings, cashless transactions and operational simplicity.

For companies with a Company Kitchen on premise, the benefits include:
  • › Convenience: 24/7 convenience for all employees – shop, scan and enjoy!
  • › Cashless kiosk – Use a CK card, credit or debit card to pay
  • › Nutritional tracking – Our Daily Nutritional Analysis (DNA) allows employees to create a personal, online profile to track nutritional data.
  • › Customized to fit your space and style
  • › Rewards and incentive programs through the CK payment card
  • › 24-hour security
  • › Fresh-made foods and a great selection
  • › Extensive variety and the opportunity for employees to request product favorites
  • › Healthier choices = healthier workforce.

Suited To Your Style, and The Size of Your Space

Turn your breakroom into a Company Kitchen today! For additional information about Company Kitchen, please complete our on-line information request or call us at 412-494-4400.