Vending Services


We are a locally owned and operated vending company that is big enough to handle any vending situation -- yet small enough to offer personal service and make decisions on the spot to solve problems quickly. Laurel Foodsystems offers multiple options for your company's breakroom. Our service caters to the large corporate center, hospital, or university to the small office We are fully licensed and insured, with over 38 years of experience servicing the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Wheeling, West Viginia areas.


Part of what makes Laurel Foodsystems an innovator in vending is our commitment to industry-leading variety. Our machines boast more product selections and categories than competitors, with the capacity for new flavors, healthy snacks, fresh food options, hot beverages and more. Greater variety allows operators to accommodate a wider range of tastes, and run less of a risk of selling out. All of which increases employee morale.


Laurel Foodsystems has a staff of fully trained technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To keep equipment functional at all times, our service technicians are on call day and night. In spite of our comprehensive preventive maintenance program, even the best equipment will occasionally have breakdowns. Our skilled technicians are therefore ready to respond to any request for service. In order to achieve speedy response times, Laurel Foodsystems operates a dual communications program. By equipping our service people with both cell phones and pagers on their belts, we are able to have someone heading your way within minutes after a call has been received. Our service personnel are trained and motivated to respond pleasantly and positively to our customers.


At Laurel Foodsystems, we see vending as complimentary to your location's aesthetics and decor. We want our machines to enrich your environment and provide a practical service at the same time. Which is why we partner with renowned designers like Canteen. Canteen's Market Central custom vending solutions feature bold and exciting décor and finishes, state of the art equipment, and highest standards for food quality. We strive to develop new machine styles that reinvigorate the vending experience - sophistication and understated elegance; Warm colors and fine finishes create a stylish food and beverage vending destination for employees to relax and enjoy a meal or snack.

It has always been our aim to keep our machines stocked at a level that will allow the best possible selection of fresh products at any time. Laurel Foodsystems's route and supervision staff take special care and pride in keeping our machines filled and insure an adequate selection to choose from at all times. Since a clean machine presents an appetizing appeal, we strive to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.


Laurel Foodsystems uses the latest handheld technology, from handheld to remote monitoring to ensure the highest level of service. To remain at the forefront of vending, Laurel Foodsystems places an emphasis on utilizing emerging technologies that enhance the user experience. We incorporate ergonomic consumer interfaces that facilitate an easy, seamless transaction. Our wireless monitoring systems help operators boost efficiency with 24/7 communication and report diagnostics. And the software we utilize is leading vending into a new era of technological standards, with machines that run smoother, respond faster, and create an entirely new vending experience.

Healthy Choices

When choosing a vending program for your company, we are committed to making sure your program meets the needs of all your employees. We offer a wide variety of healthier products including trail mixes, baked chips, juices, bottled and much more. Laurel Foodsystems will implement a Balanced Choices® program at your location. Laurel Foodsystems complies with Canteen Corporation's Balanced Choice Program. Balanced Choices® is Laurel/Canteen's exciting program which provides you with the products and information you need to achieve balance in your diet and assists your employees when making vending choices. Laurel/Canteen's newest destination reflects the latest health ethic with clean, fluid lines, cool colors, fresh food imagery, new age materials and point-of-sale gear. You’ll find Balanced Choices better-for-you snacking choices on the right hand side of your snack machine.

Automated Office Breakrooms

When it comes to the corporate breakroom, vending machines are no longer the only answer. Today's options include automated vending systems that replace a complete kitchen, and staff. Our Company Kitchen automated cafeteria style vending lines look more like convenience stores, complete with healthy snacks, produce and vegetables.

Laurel Foodsystems can provide a complete office breakroom service utilizing the latest in vending and dispensing technology. We offer exceptionally high qualtiy, brand name, and healthy food options your staff will appreciate.

Between our competitive prices and our wide variety of services, the choice is easy. For additional information about vending services, please complete our on-line information request or call us at 412-494-4400.