Vending Technology

Pittsburgh, Wheeling High-Tech Vending

At Laurel Foodsystems, our technology is miles ahead of the competition. We're also the most progressive refreshments service company in the Pittsburgh, Ohio Valley, and West Virgina regions of the United States, we have exclusive access to the latest technology available via our partnership with Canteen Services. With new technology such as wireless communication, cashless operation, guaranteed delivery, and up-to-the-minute data reporting, we're able to provide you the highest level of service.

Wireless Data Reporting

Through wireless data reporting, we're able to receive up-to-the-minute overviews of inventory and sales trends. The instant an item in your location is running low, an alert is sent to our offices detailing the problem. With an average response time of just 2 to 4 hours, this means you'll never run out of your favorite items. Plus, the in-depth analysis of sales trends helps us customize your refreshment areas with the best selling items.

Best of all, wireless vending technology delivers 40% lower carbon emissions, drastic overhead reduction, and reduce power consumption.

Cashless Operation

Laurel use INone and USATech credit card solutions to allow customers to use whatever payment method that they are comfortable with. We provide Golden dollars as change in the machine to help customers use larger denomination bills in their wallet and not be saddled with a pocket full of change.

At Laurel Foodsystems, we offer the latest in cashless payment technology. We are quickly becoming a cashless society. Our unique cashless payment system allows you to pay with all the major credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of cashless payments. We can even customize your payment center to be compatible with your own stored value systems or point of sale system.

Wireless and Email Communications, Exclusive Reports

Our proprietary SKU reporting tool provides a concise report of your vending machine’s sales activity by tracking the specific food and beverage product preferences of its customers. Using a dynamic set of analytics including sales history, regional preferences and demographics, each vending machine's product mix is continuously updated. Slower selling items are replaced with new items. Popular selections are awarded more shelf space. In essence, every machine is tailored to its local customers.

Our machines communicate remotely providing item sales information several times daily to insure that the most accurate information is used to pull the product need for each machine.

With this information Laurel Foodsystems uses Streamware Vendmax Software to customize an order for delivery to the vending machine. Using the LightspeedTM pick-by-light system, we accurately pull the exact product that is need to fill the machine to the optimal service level.

All of our employees carry wireless phones to receive dispatched calls and communicate with the rest of our team. We also use mobile email so that we can receive what you send us at any time of the day.

Also, as one of the largest, most reputable vending companies in the east, we have relationships that few others can match. Companies like Mars, Pepsi, Kraft, Frito Lay and Coca Cola work with Laurel Foodsystems to bring to our customers the most popular products by market area.

Guaranteed Delivery

We use gauranteed delivery systems on many of our vending machines such as Golden Eye, SureVend, and Vend Wizard to make sure our customers always get the product they desire or their money back.

This technology virtually eliminates product hang ups. When the product purchased is vended, it crosses an electronic beam at the bottom of the machine. If the beam is not crossed, the spiral continues to turn until the product is successfully vended. If not, the machine automatically returns the money to the purchaser to make another selection. This system significantly reduces your involvement in providing refunds.

Our philosophy is that vending should be worry-free to your company and a convenience to your employees. With this new technology, this philosophy is now a reality.


We use GPS to track many of our vehicles, this way we always know just how far your repair or service person is from you when you call. This allows us to give you the most accurate response time available.

State of the Art Equipment

The breakroom for some offices has evolved. Has yours? Laurel Foodsystems is a leader in providing breakroom modernization including replacement of vending machines with cafeteria style, healthy food options, and unrivaled selection.

We utilize new and late model snack, cold food, coffee and microwave machines. These machines will offer a wide variety of products, including many healthy selections. These machines are capable of offering all of the products on our product lists. These lists are updated periodically with the newest products on the market and we continue to be receptive to your special requests.

Between our competitive prices and our wide variety of services, the choice is easy. For additional information about how our vending technology can save you time, money and frustration, please complete our on-line information request or call us at 412-494-4400.